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Exploring Good Hotel Etiquette

Traveling and staying in hotels is a great way to enjoy all that life has to offer. However, there are few easy to remember options with regard to hotel etiquette that can go a long way in making a trip and a hotel stay far more enjoyable and satisfying. For example, rather than struggling with your own baggage, simply pull into the front entryway of a hotel and allow the doorman to handle your baggage when arriving. This can include leaving your keys in the ignition and allowing the doorman to park your vehicle.

Be Patient With Hotel Staff
In the absence of the doorman, simply park your vehicle and bring luggage into the reception area. Also in the absence of the doorman, avoid parking in front of the hotel entrance as this may impede services for other guests. Another important concern with regard to checking in is to be patient with hotel staff. In some instances, rooms are in the process of being cleaned and may require a few additional minutes to be ready for guests. Work with hotel staff to ensure that a hotel stay is always a positive experience.

Leave A Security Deposit
Check-in is another good time to re-confirm your hotel reservation. Check that you are getting the size room and the size bed that you have made reservations for in the beginning. It is also important to leave a security deposit with the hotel reservation desk as a way to pay for incidentals such as telephone calls and other items. The reservation desk or the concierge can also offer information with regard to local attractions, dining options and a host of other area activities. Take the time to use all resources wisely so that your travel experience can be the best.

Contact The Front Desk
Finally, once in your room it is important to keep your hotel room organized and free of trash. This can help housekeeping to better serve you and your needs throughout the entire duration of your hotel stay. In addition, any time you experience any type of problem in your room such as lack of hot water or faulty lighting, simply contact the front desk so that services can be provided in order to fix the problem. Contact Hotel Ruidoso today for the best in hotel accommodations in Ruidoso New Mexico.