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Tips Designed To Make A Hotel Stay More Romantic

A growing number of people across the country are choosing to travel for a wide range of reasons. One common reason for travel these days is for a honeymoon or an anniversary. Couples are exploring new and interesting opportunities to add romance and enjoyment to life. Because this is indeed the case there are a few smart and effective ways to make a hotel stay more romantic. For example, calling ahead and arranging for a florist to deliver fresh flowers to your room can provide an exquisite and romantic experience that is beyond compare.

Bringing Your Own Lighting
Some romantic couples even choose to scatter rose petals across a hotel bed. Another important consideration with regard to making a hotel stay more romantic is to bringing your own lighting. Hotel lamps can be bright and harsh. Choose to bring dim mood setting nightlights to create a warm and inviting environment. Even a plug-in dimmer switch can be used to modify existing hotel lighting. Whatever the case may be, lighting can have a powerful impact on romance.

Creating An Ideal Romantic Atmosphere
Music plays an equally important role in creating the perfect mood in your hotel room. Traveling with an iPod and small travel speakers can go a long way in creating the desired effect. Best of all, some hotels even offer options for satellite radio. As a last resort the hotel clock radio can be used to create a more relaxing and comforting mood. Scent is another essential part of creating an ideal romantic atmosphere. Essential oils, a small amount of perfume or other similar scents can be used to enhance the room experience.

Perfect Romantic Experience
Finally, sensual clothing and perhaps even a bottle of champagne can sometimes be all that is necessary to turn an average hotel stay into a romantic getaway. Also consider packing massage oils and massage creams in your suitcase as a way to share a mutual massage experience. In fact, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the ideal and perfect romantic experience while on vacation. Even the traditional breakfast in bed idea should be visited when couples are wishing to raise their romantic quotient. Romance literally awaits you on your next hotel stay. Contact Hotel Ruidoso today to learn more about the opportunities for romantic couples at one of New Mexico's premier hotels.